AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-05Changes for puppet 4 compatibilityHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-23Fix another deprecation warningSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-23Syntax fixSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-23Fix deprecation warningsSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'lelutin/master'Silvio Rhatto
2014-11-07Adding apcupsd_pct (commented)Silvio Rhatto
2014-11-07Disabling apcupsd_wwSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-07TODO: disable apc_nisSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-07Fix apcupsd_ww pathsSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-07Adding NOMPOWER into apcupsd_wwSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-07Adding apcupsd_ww munin pluginSilvio Rhatto
2014-03-03Merge pull request #1 from mitct02/masterGabriel Filion
2013-12-15added support for /etc/apcupsd/change, which is a script designed to email so...Tom Mitchell
2013-06-12Fixing munin interpreting, no need for user setting or exec flagSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Setting user on apcupsd::muninSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Fixing apc_nis permissionSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Not my day: getting the apc_nis from upstream the right waySilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12No need to redeclare munin::pluginSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Oops again :/Silvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12OOpsSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-12Updating munin plugin with upstream Rhatto
2013-06-12Adding apcupsd::muninSilvio Rhatto
2012-06-28Adding more battery parametersSilvio Rhatto
2011-10-30Merge 'ups' define and 'acpupsd' class into a parametrized classGabriel Filion
2010-11-08Adding NIS supportSilvio Rhatto
2010-01-03Renaming parameter 'type' to 'upstype'Silvio Rhatto
2010-01-03Misc changesSilvio Rhatto
2010-01-03Initial importSilvio Rhatto