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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-28Upgrade default hidden_service_versionSilvio Rhatto
2020-12-05Feat: adds sshkey_type paramSilvio Rhatto
2020-05-07Hiera 5 migrationSilvio Rhatto
2019-01-09Support for HiddenServiceVersionSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-22Pass log params to apache::site::configSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-21Adds custom_log, custom_log_format and error_log params at apache::siteSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-06Do not tie manage_user with mpm paramSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-28Use aliases param on certbotSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-19Fixes certbot::manage nameSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-19Adds ssl_manage_cert into apache::siteSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-18Initial certbot supportSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-18Adds apache::site::userSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-18Adds apache::site::manageSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-18Adds more params into apache::site::configSilvio Rhatto
2016-06-18Adds apache::site::configSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-25Adds allow_override param into apache::siteSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Fix conflicting parameter name (2)Silvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Back to name varSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Quote title param (2)Silvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Quote title paramSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Use name instead of titleSilvio Rhatto
2015-10-02Requirement fixesSilvio Rhatto
2015-10-02Requirement for a2ensite/a2dissiteSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Fix a2ensite/a2dissite invocation on wheezySilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31Remove legacy configSilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31add '.conf' in site conf file namesdrebs
2015-07-14New param sshkey_optionsSilvio Rhatto
2014-03-16Support for custom http and https portsSilvio Rhatto
2014-03-10Put HSTS header in the right placeSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Renaming additional_directives to custom_directivesSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Adding additional_directives parameterSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-28TypoSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Introducing apache::site::hiddenSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Changing the way the tor::daemon class is declaredSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Declaring hidden service just if tor class is definedSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27RollbackSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Avoid reference for undeclared classSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Class tor::daemon should be declared apartSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Changing declaration of tor::daemon classSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-26Getting hosting domain from hieraSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-21Fixing ports parameter at tor::daemon::hidden_serviceSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-21Updating tor hidden service handling to the new tor moduleSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Cosmetic changeSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Using site_apacheSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Upgrading for 2.7 compatibilitySilvio Rhatto
2013-01-18Moving site and module definitions to different filesSilvio Rhatto