AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-05update error site template to jessieadapt-to-jessiedrebs
2015-06-05update apache2.conf template to jessiedrebs
2015-06-05add '.conf' in site conf file namesdrebs
2015-05-18ensure conf.d directorydrebs
2015-05-17remove BREACH workaroundsdrebs
2014-11-23Avoid logrotate errors inside vserversSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-23Adding stock logrotateSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-25Disable compression (BREACH)Silvio Rhatto
2014-10-23Disabling SSLv3Silvio Rhatto
2014-03-16Support for custom http and https portsSilvio Rhatto
2014-03-10Put HSTS header in the right placeSilvio Rhatto
2013-10-11Updating SSLCipherSuite according to duraconfSilvio Rhatto
2013-07-16Enhancing SSL configSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Templating fix (5)Silvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Templating fix (4)Silvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Templating fix (3)Silvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Templating fix (2)Silvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Templating fixSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Renaming additional_directives to custom_directivesSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Adding additional_directives parameterSilvio Rhatto
2013-06-06Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2013-05-26Deprecation noticeSilvio Rhatto
2013-05-26Minor changeSilvio Rhatto
2013-05-26OopsSilvio Rhatto
2013-05-26Adding remote_addr parameterSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-28Adding $ into prototypeSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-28Adding apache::envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-28TypoSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Introducing apache::site::hiddenSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Changing the way the tor::daemon class is declaredSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Declaring hidden service just if tor class is definedSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27RollbackSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Avoid reference for undeclared classSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Class tor::daemon should be declared apartSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-27Changing declaration of tor::daemon classSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-26Getting hosting domain from hieraSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-21Fixing ports parameter at tor::daemon::hidden_serviceSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-21Updating tor hidden service handling to the new tor moduleSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19OopsSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Cosmetic changeSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Using site_apacheSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-19Upgrading for 2.7 compatibilitySilvio Rhatto
2013-01-18Moving site and module definitions to different filesSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-18Split classes across files and adding new classes for ruby stuffSilvio Rhatto
2013-01-07Do not include /etc/apache2/httpd.confSilvio Rhatto
2012-11-15Enabling stylesheet and markdown icon on autoindexSilvio Rhatto
2012-09-26ServerSignature offSilvio Rhatto
2012-06-24Ensuring existence of hidden service according to the ensure parameterSilvio Rhatto
2012-06-18Hidden service file must be a directorySilvio Rhatto
2012-06-18Managing tor hidden service folderSilvio Rhatto