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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-05Fix: check if there are uninstalled dependencies before trying to install themHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2020-09-23Fix: pass current dir to find explicitly (thanks Kirill Elagin)Silvio Rhatto
2018-07-15Change the way we look for installed packagesSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-22Tried --recommend-shallow at git submodule updateSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-21Adds LICENSE and stage everything on new modulesSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-06Adds status commandSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-19Check for installed dependencies at metadot_depsSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-20OopsSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-20Sync submodulesSilvio Rhatto
2017-04-03Placeholder for update action and fixes displayal of remote versionSilvio Rhatto
2017-04-03Removes update actionSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-24CLI Parsing: fetch, merge and default behaviorSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-21Renames READMESilvio Rhatto
2017-03-21Enhance documentation and usageSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Fixes parameter passingSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Fixes option evaluation at metadot_process_bundleSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Minor fixesSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Adds ls-bundle actionSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Minor fixSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-16Reorganize, adds load-bundle and deps-bundleSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-15Updates metadotSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-10Non-interactive package installationSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-10Automatically install dependenciesSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-09Implements signed commitsSilvio Rhatto
2016-12-28Dependency handling supportSilvio Rhatto
2016-08-13Updates Skeleton READMESilvio Rhatto
2015-10-07New canonical URLsSilvio Rhatto
2015-09-17List optionSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-19Setup TODOSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-19Use .md extensionSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-19Default repo optionSilvio Rhatto
2014-06-12Support for PREFIX parameterSilvio Rhatto
2014-06-12Do not follow any .git/modules folderSilvio Rhatto
2013-12-28Add copyright noticeSilvio Rhatto
2013-12-28Creating .gitignore for new modules and README updateSilvio Rhatto
2013-12-28Enhancing 'update', adding 'clone' and 'create'Silvio Rhatto
2013-12-27Preparing to split metadot code from modulesSilvio Rhatto
2013-10-08Metadot: new 'version' optionSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-14Backup command to backup any file on home folderSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-01UsageSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-01Adding --all option to metadot loadSilvio Rhatto
2013-02-01Adding metadot scriptSilvio Rhatto