AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-01-22Merge branch 'hotfix/'HEADmasterSem
2014-01-22Unmegred changes was breaking elgg.Sem
2014-01-22Merge branch 'release/1.8.1'Sem
2014-01-22Merge commit 'ae76fa880c7aeb7f7b0846dd4b109be8d398018c' into developSem
2014-01-22Merge tag '1.8.18' of git://github.com/Elgg/Elgg into developSem
1.8.18 Conflicts: mod/tinymce/vendor/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/langs/en.js mod/tinymce/vendor/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en_dlg.js
2014-01-13Merge branch 'hotfix/' into developSem
2014-01-13Fixed save action.Sem
2014-01-13Bumped version
2014-01-13Deleted automatically generated file.Sem
2014-01-13Merge branch 'release/1.8.1' into developSem
2014-01-13Merge branch 'release/1.8.1'Sem
2014-01-13Bumped version 1.8.1Sem
2014-01-13Delete gedit automatically generated filesSem
2014-01-12little refactoringcapo
2014-01-12edit link only show when you can editcapo
2014-01-12fix identationcapo
2014-01-12review code from hellekin commentscapo
2014-01-11Prepare for 1.8.18 releaseSteve Clay
2014-01-07Merge pull request #6311 from mrclay/6309_fixJuho Jaakkola
Fixes #6309: Fixes notify_user() broken by 63db31c
2014-01-06Fixes #6309: Fixes notify_user() broken by 63db31cSteve Clay
2014-01-01Merged in libxml18 (pull request #8) Paweł Sroka
Disable loading external entities during XML parsing
2014-01-01Merged in csrf_fix (pull request #7) Paweł Sroka
Added function for escaping query strings and fixed several XSRF vulnerabilities.
2014-01-01Preparing 1.8.17 releasePaweł Sroka
2013-12-28Added missing @deprecated tagsPaweł Sroka
2013-12-23Merge pull request #6251 from jeabakker/3143-memcache-entity-cache-on-loginMatt Beckett
fixes #3143 login part
2013-12-16Added feature to be able to use simplepie rss module in the groupscapo
2013-12-11Fixed directions for going to the site secret generation page.Brett Profitt
2013-12-11Merge pull request #6274 from juho-jaakkola/limited_groupsSteve Clay
Makes sure all group pages respect the limited_groups setting
2013-12-11Makes sure all group pages respect the limited_groups settingJuho Jaakkola
2013-12-09Code style fixes for recent PRSteve Clay
2013-12-08Checks X-Real-Ip header as well when determining client IPPaweł Sroka
2013-12-07Fixes #6012: Gets correct client IP behind proxy (1.8)Steve Clay
2013-12-07Merge pull request #6250 from edfactor/patch-1Steve Clay
Makes sure plugin settings functions return arrays
2013-12-07Handle case if get_user_notification_settings() returns falseSteve Clay
2013-12-02fixes #3143 login partJerome Bakker
2013-12-02Fix #6238 Return blank arrays Ed Lyons
I committed this simple change to return the empty array rather than false for empty settings result for ElggPlugin::getAllSettings and getAllUsersSettings. Put this into 1.8 branch.
2013-12-01Code style fixes in ElggCryptoSteve Clay
2013-12-01Make sure new lang key available during upgradeSteve Clay
2013-12-01Allow regenerating site secretSteve Clay
2013-11-29Merge pull request #6164 from jdalsem/file-remove-thumbsJuho Jaakkola
Fixes #6162 - Remove file thumbnails if no longer needed
2013-11-23Removes border-radius from radios/checkboxesSteve Clay
2013-11-20Fixing permissions changes from #6201Steve Clay
2013-11-12Merge branch 'release/1.8.0'Sem
2013-11-10Merge commit 'abc688bc15' into developSem
2013-11-10Replaced README.Sem
2013-11-10Added subtree script.Sem
2013-11-09Add 'mod/html5/' from commit 'b623f64507956f7beee0d8352fd044bdb70f5d23'Sem
git-subtree-dir: mod/html5 git-subtree-mainline: dee4ff21a5a5e8b8c5dbeae0a2f89a36a3f1c6cc git-subtree-split: b623f64507956f7beee0d8352fd044bdb70f5d23
2013-11-09Add 'mod/profile_widgets/' from commit ↵Sem
'a81819e6399907420e67aabe93f5ac5eee8bac5f' git-subtree-dir: mod/profile_widgets git-subtree-mainline: 536ad685d02d6721671237bc6e6f5a04334419ac git-subtree-split: a81819e6399907420e67aabe93f5ac5eee8bac5f
2013-11-09Add 'mod/simplepie/' from commit '97c0db5dd349f8c777bc813f5f3a00a858412828'Sem
git-subtree-dir: mod/simplepie git-subtree-mainline: 77f0367d454711f1d00e1fcfc5d31147055cc66a git-subtree-split: 97c0db5dd349f8c777bc813f5f3a00a858412828
2013-11-09Add 'mod/beechat/' from commit '29be010b5837f36237216b187ad1d5988f98e8bc'Sem
git-subtree-dir: mod/beechat git-subtree-mainline: 911d0021c374602c31e5bfd71b1cd8074f2c2293 git-subtree-split: 29be010b5837f36237216b187ad1d5988f98e8bc