AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-07Adds 20-require-load-path.patchdebianSilvio Rhatto
2014-12-07Adding .pc into .gitignoreSilvio Rhatto
2014-12-07Adding 10-require-rubygems.patchSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-27Rename debian package to leap-cliSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-27Initial debian treeSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-24moved core_ext and lib_ext under leap_clidevelopelijah
2014-11-24allow more flexible `leap env` commandelijah
2014-11-24minor: warn if env doesn't exist in `leap env pin`elijah
2014-11-22issue a warning if the platform.rb in the platform is incompatible with leap_clielijah
2014-11-10pin gem gli to a version we know will work.elijah
2014-11-09make sure to specify HostKeyAlgorithms for ssh and rsync. this is needed beca...elijah
2014-11-07node init - skip updating local host keys for vagrant nodeselijah
2014-11-06allow leap_cli tests to run againelijah
2014-11-05prompt user to update ssh host keys when a better one is available. closes #6320elijah
2014-11-04logging - suppress warnings 'You cannot collect without storeconfigs being se...elijah
2014-11-04node init - privilege rsa keys over ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 keys, because screw n...elijah
2014-11-04bugfix - deploy failed when all nodes had default environmentelijah
2014-11-03only print out net-ssh info if --debug is activeelijah
2014-10-31Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/KwadroNaut/leap_cli into developelijah
2014-10-31only spit out stack trace if --debugelijah
2014-11-01update basebox url closes #5468KwadroNaut
2014-10-31allow json properties to be named 'key'elijah
2014-10-30don't change log level to 3 when in bail!{} blockelijah
2014-10-30minor fixes to Path.find_fileelijah
2014-10-30minor fix to bail and log levelelijah
2014-10-30less verbose net-ssh loggingelijah
2014-10-29silently fail if ssh_key cannot be loadedelijah
2014-10-29give up on removing activesupportelijah
2014-10-29fixed bugs with add-user: skip keys we can't understand, don't die if gpg can...elijah
2014-10-29allow for control over how arrays are merged in json inheritanceelijah
2014-10-29remove minitest deprecation notices when running testselijah
2014-10-29leap cli completion for bash added.guido
2014-10-28updated RELEASES.mdelijah
2014-10-28pin net-ssh version to 2.7.0. later versions break interactive password authe...elijah
2014-10-28make certificate authority only load the parts of activemodel it needs, so th...elijah
2014-10-28properly debug Net::SSH based on -v log levelelijah
2014-10-28support both rsa and ecdsa ssh host keys in `leap node init`. closes #2373elijah
2014-10-28better solution to activesupport dependency problemelijah
2014-10-28autoload some of the external dependencies that are rarely used, so that we d...elijah
2014-10-27certs: fix csr generation (correct the key usage, remove msExtReq from attrib...elijah
2014-10-22bug fix: fixed bad default for --tags in `leap deploy`elijah
2014-10-22json bugfix: upgrading CertificateAuthority gem broke everything, since it de...elijah
2014-10-21fixed `leap cert csr` to add correct "Requested Extensions" attribute on the ...elijah
2014-10-21version bump to 1.6, added platform.major_versionelijah
2014-10-21fixed incorrect message in `leap env pin`elijah
2014-10-21removed constants.rb, now defined in platform.rbelijah
2014-10-21added support for custom-puppetelijah
2014-10-20implement optional provider custom puppet support (#6201, #6225)Micah Anderson
2014-10-20allow more options to `leap cert csr`elijah