AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysMerge branch 'develop'HEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
5 daysUpdates ChangeLogdevelopSilvio Rhatto
5 daysInstall zsh completion in the default pathSilvio Rhatto
2019-11-14Merge branch 'develop'Silvio Rhatto
2019-11-14Keyringer Rhatto
2019-03-25Fix secret name when encrypting a folderSilvio Rhatto
2019-03-25Updates ChangeLogSilvio Rhatto
2019-03-25Adds PUSH_AFTER_ENCRYPT settingSilvio Rhatto
2019-03-25Fix git parameter expansionSilvio Rhatto
2019-03-25Adds COMMIT_AFTER_ENCRYPT settingSilvio Rhatto
2019-01-30Merge branch 'develop'Silvio Rhatto
2019-01-30Keyringer Rhatto
2019-01-24Use --no-encrypt-to GnuPG option to strictly respect the recipients fileSilvio Rhatto
2018-10-17Fixes BASEDIR evaluation at init actionSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-16Convert ikiwiki config to YAMLSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-16Adds history support at shell actionSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-06Remove Name-Comment from genkeys_gpg TODOSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-06Fix passphrase entry at genpairs when exporting secret keys; fix ChangeLog datesSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Merge branch 'develop'Silvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Keyringer Rhatto
2018-05-30Use -depht after path on find for GNU and BSD compatibilitySilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Clean empty directories once the files are removed with shredGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-30Updates ChangeLogSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Add MANDIR variable and use itGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-30Replace install --mode=MODE by install -m MODEGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-30Adds status=none at on invocation at keyringer_pwgenSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Replace head -c by ddGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-30Fix mktemp template for POSIX.1 mktempGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-30Rename _F to rmtest at keyringer_shredSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Cleanup mktemp target at keyringer_shredSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-30Add support to "gshred" and "rm -P" to safely delete a fileGrégoire Jadi
2018-05-23Updates ChangeLogSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Automatically generate passphrase at genkeys_gpgSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Increase default password size at pwgenSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-22Updates tasksSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-22Migrate from TODO.csv to TaskwarriorSilvio Rhatto
2018-01-09Archiving the trac instanceSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Docs: using gbp instead of git-buildpackage and git-import-origSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Use 'gbp buildpackage' instead of 'git-buildpackage'Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Update 'git-import-orig' to 'gbp import-orig'Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Merge branch 'develop'Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Keyringer Rhatto
2017-11-03Makefile: update files to the new .md markdown extensionSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Redirect both outputs when checking 'ls' versionSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Fix failure to properly decrypt the file in actions/decrypt (#80)Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-03Removes incorrect exit command (#79)Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-03teardown: more unambiguous info on confirmation; added information when teard...rysiek
2017-11-03\t is a GNU extension in sed regexes; fixed / use --color only when ls suppor...rysiek
2017-11-03another find usage fixed on *BSDrysiek
2017-11-03keyringer_tree fixed on FreeBSD; also, prettier everywhere elserysiek