AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-15Adds pull actionHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-31Move TODO to IDEASSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-22Tried --recommend-shallow at git submodule updateSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-18Better action handlingSilvio Rhatto
2018-03-07Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Another minor fixSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Minor fixSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Set dir and base names depending on the way the program was calledSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Updates READMESilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Usage fixSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-24Check if we were called correctlySilvio Rhatto
2018-02-05Do not depend on 'apps' repo nameSilvio Rhatto
2018-02-05Updates READMESilvio Rhatto
2018-02-04Updates DIRNAMESilvio Rhatto
2018-01-28Updates inceptionSilvio Rhatto
2018-01-28Initial importSilvio Rhatto