AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-01Tails: no need to make hybrid image anymoreHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2018-06-19Tails now is amd64 onlySilvio Rhatto
2017-09-07Updates mediawiki_deploySilvio Rhatto
2017-06-02Updates distros folderSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-24Updates READMESilvio Rhatto
2016-10-13Removes TODOSilvio Rhatto
2016-07-22Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2016-04-21Updates roundcube dl urlSilvio Rhatto
2016-01-21Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2016-01-14Some messages arent error messagesSilvio Rhatto
2016-01-11Version checks at mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-12-26Roundcube: wget -cSilvio Rhatto
2015-12-26Roundcube: switch to sha256sumSilvio Rhatto
2015-10-31Updates TODoSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-30Copy also custom settings at mediawiki-dl upgradeSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-24Updates signature extension at debian-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-02Set vimperator if available at tor-browser-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-05-26Fix extension symlinking at mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-04-01Fix extension symlinkingSilvio Rhatto
2015-04-01Basic error handling at mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-04-01More sudo on mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-04-01Fix extension symlinking at mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-04-01Fix and rename mediawiki-dlSilvio Rhatto
2015-03-31Mediawiki: auditSilvio Rhatto
2015-03-31Adds mediawiki downloaderSilvio Rhatto
2015-02-19Piwiki: remove signature after checkingSilvio Rhatto
2015-02-19Piwik: ensure config and tmp folders existsSilvio Rhatto
2015-02-17Piwigo: keep data folderSilvio Rhatto
2014-12-01Ensure app base exists on tor-browser-dlSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-20Piwik: new download URLSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-20Piwik signature checkSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-19TODO: Piwik signature checkSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-29Adding postfixadmin-dlSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-24TODO: signed releasesSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-17Adding more downloadersSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-17Update for TBB 4.0Silvio Rhatto
2014-09-29TODO updateSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-29Quoting at tor-browser-dlSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-29Minor fix at tor-browser-dlSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-27Set pentadactyl if available at tor-browser-dlSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-18Filling TODOSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-18Filling READMESilvio Rhatto
2014-09-18Adding licenseSilvio Rhatto
2014-09-18Initial importSilvio Rhatto