AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-05Updates TODOHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22Initialize the PRNGSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22Record argument and durationSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22Filter exceptions with a single statementSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22Minor fixSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22CleanupSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-22Support for custom wget invocationsSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-17More coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-17Move examples into help optionSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-17Usage examplesSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-17Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Track program timeSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Configure provision_commandSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Calculate hash using a subprocess to avoid memory consumptionSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Do not compute file hash as it might consume too much memorySilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Cleanup exception handlingSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Close each progress bar after useSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16CleanupSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16README: dependenciesSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Adds missing importSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Check if file exists before attempt to get sha256sumSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Adds --randomizeSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Minor fixSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Compute sha256sum of downloaded fileSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Put all package contents in a single async loopSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Handle keyboard interruptSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Record download dateSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Progress bar should be local to avoid concurrencySilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Dump global stats to a fileSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Dump stats for each batchSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16CleanupSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Initial exit status trackingSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Basic exception handlingSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Adds --wget optionSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-16Enhanced output with tqdmSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Fix typo (2)Silvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Fix typoSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Remove dependency on subprocess moduleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Adds kvmxfileSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Initial progress bar implementationSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15CleanupSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15Initial asyncio versionSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-15DocstringsSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-14Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-13Coding styleSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-13Close the file at loadJSONSilvio Rhatto
2019-05-08Limit rate per downloadSilvio Rhatto
2019-04-26Fix argparser descSilvio Rhatto