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2018-08-12Suckless/CLI: jo and jqSilvio Rhatto
2017-10-29Good CLI practicesSilvio Rhatto
2017-10-05Suckless: sites: hugo packageSilvio Rhatto
2017-09-30Change extension to .mdSilvio Rhatto
2017-07-24Updates blogSilvio Rhatto
2017-07-17Suckless: sites: bashblogSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-04Suckless: virtual: virt-sparsify command lineSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-03Suckless: virtual: image optimizationSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-02Suckless: virtual: mounting guest imagesSilvio Rhatto
2017-04-18Updates suckless/virtualSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-10Suckless: virtual: kvmx has its own repo nowSilvio Rhatto
2017-03-01Suckless sites: wercSilvio Rhatto
2017-02-24Updates services and static sitesSilvio Rhatto
2017-01-27String fixSilvio Rhatto
2017-01-27Updates blogSilvio Rhatto
2017-01-27Suckless: messagingSilvio Rhatto
2017-01-27Move stuff to sucklessSilvio Rhatto