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+[[!meta title="The Hacker Crackdown"]]
+Seleção de trechos [deste livro](http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/101):
+ 4154 When rumor about LoD's mastery of Georgia's switching network got
+ 4155 around to BellSouth through Bellcore and telco security scuttlebutt,
+ 4156 they at first refused to believe it. If you paid serious attention to
+ 4157 every rumor out and about these hacker kids, you would hear all kinds
+ 4158 of wacko saucer-nut nonsense: that the National Security Agency
+ 4159 monitored all American phone calls, that the CIA and DEA tracked
+ 4160 traffic on bulletin-boards with word-analysis programs, that the Condor
+ 4161 could start World War III from a payphone.
+Jocoso, mas premonitório! Mais:
+ 11658 Kapor is a man with a vision. It's a very novel vision which he and
+ 11659 his allies are working out in considerable detail and with great
+ 11660 energy. Dark, cynical, morbid cyberpunk that I am, I cannot avoid
+ 11661 considering some of the darker implications of "decentralized,
+ 11662 nonhierarchical, locally empowered" networking.
+ 11663
+ 11664 I remark that some pundits have suggested that electronic
+ 11665 networking--faxes, phones, small-scale photocopiers--played a strong
+ 11666 role in dissolving the power of centralized communism and causing the
+ 11667 collapse of the Warsaw Pact.
+ 11668
+ 11669 Socialism is totally discredited, says Kapor, fresh back from the
+ 11670 Eastern Bloc. The idea that faxes did it, all by themselves, is rather
+ 11671 wishful thinking.
+ 11672
+ 11673 Has it occurred to him that electronic networking might corrode
+ 11674 America's industrial and political infrastructure to the point where
+ 11675 the whole thing becomes untenable, unworkable--and the old order just
+ 11676 collapses headlong, like in Eastern Europe?
+ 11677
+ 11678 "No," Kapor says flatly. "I think that's extraordinarily unlikely. In
+ 11679 part, because ten or fifteen years ago, I had similar hopes about
+ 11680 personal computers--which utterly failed to materialize." He grins
+ 11681 wryly, then his eyes narrow. "I'm VERY opposed to techno-utopias.
+ 11682 Every time I see one, I either run away, or try to kill it."
+ 11683
+ 11684 It dawns on me then that Mitch Kapor is not trying to make the world
+ 11685 safe for democracy. He certainly is not trying to make it safe for
+ 11686 anarchists or utopians--least of all for computer intruders or
+ 11687 electronic rip-off artists. What he really hopes to do is make the
+ 11688 world safe for future Mitch Kapors. This world of decentralized,
+ 11689 small-scale nodes, with instant global access for the best and
+ 11690 brightest, would be a perfect milieu for the shoestring attic
+ 11691 capitalism that made Mitch Kapor what he is today.