AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-08Ensure md5deep is installed on debian systemsHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2014-08-08Make it a puppet moduleSilvio Rhatto
2011-04-30fix small bug where count was zero length stringJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30add 99_smartmonster_sleep.d.sh to /etc/pm/sleep.d/Jacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30initial hook for sleep, hibernate, wake, and thaw eventsJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30Add Makefile and remove TODO itemJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30add /etc/pm/sleep.d noteJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30Update TODOJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30Update READMEJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30Seth suggests another TODO itemJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30Things TODO laterJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30initial update_power_counter.shJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-30initial file_system_reporter.shJacob Appelbaum
2011-04-29first README documentJacob Appelbaum