AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'shared/master' into developHEADmasterdevelopSilvio Rhatto
2016-02-26Merge branch 'remove_loglevel_info' into 'master' Micah
2016-02-25Remove loglevel directive from Exec[update_apt]varac
2016-02-02Merge branch 'unatt_upg_logdir' into 'master' varac
2016-02-02Manage unattended-upgrades log directoryGabriel Filion
2016-02-01[refactor] Get rid of the disable_update parametervarac
2016-02-01[feat] Remove `apt-get autoclean` from apt::updatevarac
2016-02-01[refactor] Unify `apt-get update` into one resourcevarac
2016-01-05[bug] Deploy preferene snippets before apt_refreshvarac
2015-12-20Merge branch 'gitlab_ci' into 'master' Micah
2015-12-19[feat] Enable gitlab CI builds, simplify Gemfilevarac
2015-12-16Merge branch 'remove_double_apt_get_update' into 'master' ng
2015-12-13[feat] Don't run an additional apt-get updatevarac
2015-12-07Fix require path for ubuntu_nextcodename.rbvarac
2015-12-07[rspec] extend test for custom factsvarac
2015-12-07[bug] Fix debian_nextcodename on wheezy hostsvarac
2015-12-07[docs] Add test docs how to use custom facter/puppet versionvarac
2015-12-07Fix loading of util/debian.rb for custom factsvarac
2015-12-07Add inital puppet rspec test for custom factsvarac
2015-12-04Merge branch 'support_missing_ubuntu_releases' into 'master' Micah
2015-12-04remove requirement on lsb package for sources.list fileGabriel Filion
2015-12-04Simplify conditional expressionsJerome Charaoui
2015-12-04Switch old $release and $codename local variables to new debian_* factsJerome Charaoui
2015-12-04move backports to snippetsAntoine Beaupré
2015-12-04Use $ubuntu_url as default value of $backports_url on UbuntuGabriel Filion
2015-11-02[feat] Support vivid, wily, xenial ubuntu releasevarac
2015-10-09Document the new config_template parameterGabriel Filion
2015-10-09Make it possible to specify own template.Gabriel Filion
2015-10-09Fix debian_codename fact when falling back to parsing /etc/debian_versionJerome Charaoui
2015-10-09Improve unattended-upgrades origin selectorsJerome Charaoui
2015-10-09Fix merge conflict in READMEJerome Charaoui
2015-10-03Extraneous copy of license fileGabriel Filion
2015-09-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'shared/key' into shared-master (!17)intrigeri
2015-08-31Add validation for apt::key's name.intrigeri
2015-08-31Quote apt-key variable parameter.intrigeri
2015-08-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'shared/key' into tmpintrigeri
2015-08-26document the .gpg extension requirementAntoine Beaupré
2015-08-26fix install location of apt::key::plainAntoine Beaupré
2015-08-26fix typoAntoine Beaupré
2015-07-06Fix include_srcSilvio Rhatto
2015-06-11fix typoAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-11allow for binary keys that can be removedAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-11add apt::key resource to deploy arbitrary keysAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-09Merge branch 'volatile-backports' into 'master'Jerome Charaoui
2015-06-09also disable volatile on ubuntu if relevantAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-09also control backports on ubuntuAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-09typoAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-09allow possibility of disabling backportsAntoine Beaupré
2015-06-03Fix bug with debian_nextcodenameJerome Charaoui