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2016-11-27Drop vserver supportSilvio Rhatto
2016-05-30Adds envvars.xenialSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-27Move PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS config to envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-03Adds envvars for trustySilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Use envvars according to distro versionSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Envvars LANG issueSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Default envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Manage /etc/apache2/envvars on vserversSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Upgrades envvars to jessie's versionSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Adds wheezy envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-23Avoid logrotate errors inside vserversSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-23Adding stock logrotateSilvio Rhatto
2012-11-15Enabling stylesheet and markdown icon on autoindexSilvio Rhatto
2012-02-09Changing index titleSilvio Rhatto
2012-02-09Adding styleSilvio Rhatto
2012-02-09More style on indexesSilvio Rhatto
2012-02-09Adding custom iconsSilvio Rhatto