AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-30Adds xenial templateSilvio Rhatto
2016-05-15Do not use a ServerAlias on default vhostSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-27Move PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS config to envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-27SetEnv PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS for trac configSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-25Adds allow_override param into apache::siteSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-25User default host as a ServerAlias form the domainSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-07Do not config a mutex right now due to vserver issuesSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Fix conflicting parameter name (2)Silvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Fix conflicting parameter nameSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Back to name varSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Quote title param (2)Silvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Quote title paramSilvio Rhatto
2016-03-06Use name instead of titleSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-17Manage mpm_itk moduleSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-09Fix package requirementSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-09Apache itk package for jessie onwardsSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-03Fix template deprecations (2)Silvio Rhatto
2015-11-03Fix template deprecationsSilvio Rhatto
2015-11-03Adds envvars for trustySilvio Rhatto
2015-10-20Ubuntu trusty templateSilvio Rhatto
2015-10-02Requirement fixesSilvio Rhatto
2015-10-02Requirement for a2ensite/a2dissiteSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-18Adapt default vhost to jessieSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-17Fix template namesSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-17Default user and groupSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-13Default PidFile for jessieSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-12Pass -f do a2dismodSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-11OopsSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-11Manage www_folderSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-03OopsSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Use envvars according to distro versionSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Envvars LANG issueSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Default envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02User apache::envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Switch to default.conf vhostSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Fix a2ensite/a2dissite invocation on wheezySilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Manage /etc/apache2/envvars on vserversSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Upgrades envvars to jessie's versionSilvio Rhatto
2015-08-02Adds wheezy envvarsSilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31Move macros do macros.confSilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31Version-dependant apache2.confSilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31update apache2.conf template to jessiedrebs
2015-07-31Remove legacy configSilvio Rhatto
2015-07-31add '.conf' in site conf file namesdrebs
2015-07-31update error site template to jessiedrebs
2015-07-31ensure conf.d directorydrebs
2015-07-14New param sshkey_optionsSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-23Avoid logrotate errors inside vserversSilvio Rhatto
2014-11-23Adding stock logrotateSilvio Rhatto
2014-10-25Disable compression (BREACH)Silvio Rhatto