AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-25allow file(x, :missing => '') macro to report the path of x in the missing text.HEADmasterhotfix/6374elijah
2014-06-25ensure that monitor key directories exist before trying to generate the monit...elijah
2014-06-18added support for 'control files', files like the .json configuration files b...elijah
2014-06-17ensure that local stunnel ports are allocated by alphabetical order of the no...elijah
2014-06-10limit `leap db destroy` to FILTER.elijah
2014-06-05ensure hiera hosts entry is an empty hash if there are no hosts (closes #3752)elijah
2014-06-04ensure that x509 certificates use dns names that are strictly sorted and uniq...elijah
2014-06-04by default, skip local nodes on `leap facts update`elijah
2014-06-04ensure facts.json is keyed by node name and not hostnameelijah
2014-06-04version 1.5.6elijah
2014-05-27cap puppet verbosity level at 5 and capistrano logger at 3.elijah
2014-05-22added 'try {}' macro.elijah
2014-05-21Merge branch 'feature/obfsproxy_macros' of https://github.com/irregulator/lea...elijah
2014-05-22Change macro name to rand_range, add base32 gem dependencyirregulator
2014-05-21fix, once and for all and forever, ssh problems with a weird kludgeelijah
2014-05-20added support for environmentally scoped services and tags (e.g. services/web...elijah
2014-05-21Add two macros, base32_secret and obfs_port, used in obfsproxyirregulator
2014-05-20fixed tests by making `leap --no-color list` work with no colorelijah
2014-05-20ssh: modified yet again how ssh is used. pin to a newer version of capistrano...elijah
2014-05-20added a scary `leap db destroy` commandelijah
2014-05-13bail `node init` on bad `apt-get update` (closes #3849)elijah
2014-05-02compile all hiera nodes every time you deploy to any node. slower, but fewer ...elijah
2014-05-02stop/restart ntpd if present to change server time (fix bug #5599)guido
2014-04-30Install ntpd daemon if it's not present on debian.guido
2014-04-05more graceful handling of error for `leap node add` (closes https://leap.se/c...elijah
2014-04-04yasf: yet another ssh fix. should make `leap deploy` work better with ~/.ssh/...elijah
2014-04-03update the server time on `leap node init` (hopefully closes https://leap.se/...elijah
2014-04-03remove ascii string debug line (closes https://leap.se/code/issues/5428)elijah
2014-04-02use download.leap.se/platform url for vagrant boxes (closes #5434)elijah
2014-04-01version bumpelijah
2014-04-01more fixes for leap listelijah
2014-04-01bump versionelijah
2014-04-01fix bug with `leap list` on some servers.elijah
2014-04-01make secrets be utf8elijah
2014-03-24better checking of valid node nameselijah
2014-03-24prevent invalid vangrant node nameselijah
2014-03-24fixed problems when default encoding is not utf8elijah
2014-03-24improved robustness of `leap new`elijah
2014-03-23fix bug that prevented json keys with a period in them.elijah
2014-03-19yep, another attempt to fix ssh. (now authorized_keys2 is set to insecure vag...elijah
2014-03-18only run the tests that are specified, regardless of dependencieselijah
2014-03-16attempt number 7 to fix ssh problems.elijah
2014-03-14added ability to define environment specific provider.json (e.g. provider.pro...elijah
2014-03-13make sure --no-color is respected by remote logging as well as local logging.elijah
2014-03-13various ssh key fixes (REQUIRES rebuilding vagrant nodes).elijah
2014-03-08added support for specifying what order nodes should be tested in.elijah
2014-03-08include mx nodes in /etc/hosts of all nodeselijah
2014-03-08fixed bug when platform.rb doesn't define reserved_usernameselijah
2014-03-08added --no-color flagelijah
2014-03-07added IdentitiesOnly ssh option to both ssh command and ruby Net::SSH options...elijah