BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developupdate to work with jessieDaniel Kahn Gillmor5 years
feature/stylemore markdown cleanupDaniel Kahn Gillmor3 years
masterbooting into debian-installer should be one-shotDaniel Kahn Gillmor2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-22booting into debian-installer should be one-shotHEADmasterDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-08-06try to automate booting to d-iDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-05-26Option to use alternative disk driver instead of default virtioJamie McClelland
2017-05-21invoke screen correctly across an API break.Daniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-05-21more robust version comparisonDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-05-21build_disk_io_params needs the name of the variable, not its valueDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-05-21kvm --version has multiple lines of output these daysDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-05-21screen 4.5.0 and later expects an argument for -LDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-02-07more markdown cleanupfeature/styleDaniel Kahn Gillmor
2017-02-07more markdown cleanupDaniel Kahn Gillmor