AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-24Adds hydra_hiera_queryHEADmasterSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-24Compile: add known_hosts aliases with custom portsSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23List registered hydrasSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: check also for OpenPGP keysSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: test both OpenSSH and Borg keysSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: test for borg keySilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Install borgbackup at hydra_newkeys_borgSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: python3 dependency for ansibleSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: manage ansible and rsync dependenciesSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Use ansible at mass actionSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: import keys if neededSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Deploy: run hydra install to keep codebase syncedSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Automatically generate keys and add into hiera secret config at newnodeSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Import Borg key into nodesSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-23Generate borg keys for nodesSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-22Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-18Use --batch at hydra_import_keys_openpgpSilvio Rhatto
2018-05-17Use passphrase at import-keysSilvio Rhatto
2018-04-03Back to classic ssh-finger method, but with file checkingSilvio Rhatto
2018-04-03Simpler way to show ssh fingerprintsSilvio Rhatto
2018-01-27Adds hydractl usb-toggleSilvio Rhatto
2018-01-27Warn about obsolete packages on hydractl dist-upgradeSilvio Rhatto
2018-01-02Use mirror when possible and adds --force-chec...Silvio Rhatto
2017-12-31Removes kvm-stopSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-30Attempt to include sshed25519key and sshecdsakey on compiled configSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-23Adds kvm-stopSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-17Upgrade fixesSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-17Fixes for aperiodic-upgradeSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-17Adds aperiodic-upgradeSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-17Upgrade all flatpak packagesSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-12Deploy: use hostname cmd instead of facterSilvio Rhatto
2017-12-02Updates TODOSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-29Adds back TODOSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-20Log support for sync-{home,tpc}Silvio Rhatto
2017-11-07Deploy: check for etc/hostname when running against a folderSilvio Rhatto
2017-11-07Comment deploy banner and adds eyaml examplesSilvio Rhatto
2017-09-24Check for root at system-upgradeSilvio Rhatto
2017-09-20Adds debian sid as a valid releaseSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-19Updates import-keys for gnupg2 compatibilitySilvio Rhatto
2017-08-19FormattingSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-19Adds obsolete-packages actionSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-06Syntax fix at sync-backupsSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-03Check volume name and if it is mounted at sync-backupsSilvio Rhatto
2017-08-01Detect if removable media is a system or a regular storage volume at sync-bac...Silvio Rhatto
2017-07-21Provision: another grub.cfg replacementSilvio Rhatto
2017-07-10Check if folder exist at sync-tpcSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-28Apt config at provisionSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-25Adds buster as debian next releaseSilvio Rhatto
2017-06-20Adds sync-homeSilvio Rhatto