AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-14Update AUTHORS and ChangeLog.HEADmasterdevelopintrigeri
2014-06-14Ignore files ending in ~Mark Janssen -- Sig-I/O Automatisering
2014-05-03Update ChangeLog.intrigeri
2014-05-03Exclude tmpfs filesystems from df output in the sys handler (Closes: Debian#7...intrigeri
2014-05-03Update ChangeLog and AUTHORS.intrigeri
2014-05-03Fix indentation in sys handler.intrigeri
2014-05-03Remove spurious quotes that broke the sys helper (Closes: Redmine#6803).intrigeri
2014-05-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'sarava/bug/4380'intrigeri
2014-05-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'sarava/bug/3003'intrigeri
2014-05-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'sarava/bug/3929'intrigeri
2014-05-03Added suse to the list of supported OSChristian Prause
2014-04-17Rsync example: show 'user' parameter as a required option (#4380)bug/4380Silvio Rhatto
2014-03-01Update ChangeLog.releaseintrigeri
2014-03-01Run duplicity in a C locales environment (Closes: #736280).intrigeri
2014-02-22Update ChangeLog and AUTHORS.intrigeri
2014-02-22Added SIGN_PASSPHRASE support for dup handler.Dominik George
2014-02-22Update ChangeLog.intrigeri
2014-02-22dup: Fix buggy version comparison. (Redmine#6746)intrigeri
2014-02-22Add shell functions to compare version numbers.intrigeri
2014-02-22Update ChangeLog and AUTHORS.intrigeri
2014-02-22Make logic consistent with what we're using elsewhere.intrigeri
2014-02-22Fix #6357 - Don't remove useful signature filesAlexander Mette
2014-02-22mysql: fix non-qualified table name extraction (Closes: Redmine#4373).intrigeri
2014-02-22Update ChangeLog.intrigeri
2014-02-22rdiff.helper: don't give misleading information regarding required fields (Cl...intrigeri
2014-02-22Fix indentation (thanks to exobuzz for the patch, closes: Redmine#6726).intrigeri
2013-12-26mysql: make "nodata" option compatible with compress=no.intrigeri
2013-10-26Solve quoting issue with "su" (debian #683731) (upstream #4019)bug/4019Silvio Rhatto
2013-09-23Delete trailing whitespace.intrigeri
2013-09-20update INSTALL file to add some missing recommended programsMicah Anderson
2013-09-20add additional sys backup options to provide the ability to backup the MBR fo...Micah Anderson
2013-09-20fix capitalization of LUKSMicah Anderson
2013-09-20fix missing autoconf marker for @SED@Micah Anderson
2013-09-20fix luks header backup to properly detect partitionsMicah Anderson
2013-07-23Update AUTHORS.intrigeri
2013-07-23dup: Gracefully handle legacy spaces between -o and IdentityFile.intrigeri
2013-07-23Clarify that duplicity/paramiko doesn't support spaces between -o and Identit...intrigeri
2013-07-09rdiff.helper: add output_as_info support.intrigeri
2013-06-30Update authors.intrigeri
2013-06-30test mode support for tar handlerPierre ROUDIER
2013-06-28Update AUTHORS.intrigeri
2013-06-28xz support for tar handlerPierre ROUDIER
2013-06-08Update AUTHORS.intrigeri
2013-06-08Add option to include rdiff-backup output in reports.intrigeri
2012-11-26dsync: break out of the while loop using 'break' instead of setting the faile...Micah Anderson
2012-11-26dsync: fix loop number of iterations, we want to try 3 times, and we are star...Micah Anderson
2012-11-26remove some debugging bits that snuck inMicah Anderson
2012-11-26set autotools markers and default application pathsMicah Anderson
2012-11-26the 'fatal' here was causing backups to stop after they hit a user who hasMicah Anderson
2012-11-26fix quoting on srcconffile and destcconffileMicah Anderson